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Prices, offers and conference arrangements of our Conference Hotel near Aschaffenburg

You are completely supplied with the conference packages in our hotel in Hösbach near Aschaffenburg. Each offer includes a suitable seminar room with conference equipment, drinks and snacks during the coffee breaks, lunch and dinner upon request. Lunch will be provided as buffet and during your conference break you can enjoy a buffet with coffee, tea and snacks.

If your conference lasts several days, you can also book a dinner with the conference package no.2. All details on the scope of the different offers are found on the respective service and price list.

Conference and seminar packages:

Do you have any further question about planning or organising your event in our Conference and Business Hotel near Stockstadt on the Main, Würzburg, Offenbach and Hanau? Do you need any further information about our prices, seminar rates and conference arrangements? Or are you unsure which room fits to your group best? Do not hesitate to contact us at any time. We will support you in preparing your stay in our hotel in the Spessart.


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