Walk-through labyrinth in the monastery garden

On the way to the center

Finding the right path and returning to your inner center: The labyrinth is an ancient symbol of life and is often part of monastic or stately parks. The labyrinth in Schmerlenbach was modeled on the one in Chartres and comprises a total of eleven circuits and a path length of around 300 meters.

So set out on the path and find the center. Incidentally, the way there is linked to a promise, because every step leads you closer to your goal. But we won't reveal any more than that. Come and discover the secret for yourself.

There are other big and small discoveries to be made in the park. For example, the tree population grows by the"Tree of the Year" every year. The"blue sheep" have already achieved national fame and greet you as soon as you enter the Schmerlenbach conference center.

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