Sustainable conference hotel

Sustainable conference hotel

Making a big difference with small things

Welcome to our sustainable conference hotel Schmerlenbach. Your retreat in harmony with nature. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, we are aware of our responsibility towards our environment . As a sustainable hotel, we not only value your comfort. We are also actively committed to protecting and preserving our natural resources.

Walking in Schmerlenbach environmental awareness and recreation go hand in hand. Find out more about our commitment to the environment. And enjoy your stay in a sustainable conference hotel.

Our contribution to an environmentally conscious future

Sustainable energy and GreenSign certificate

At our sustainable conference hotel, we obtain our energy from renewable sources. Exclusively. We also operate a photovoltaic system. This enables us to produce some of our own electricity. And reduce our ecological footprint.

Since July 2023, we have been proud to call the renowned GreenSign certificate our own. This award not only underlines our long-standing commitment to environmental protection. It also demonstrates our efforts to harmonize ecological, social and economic aspects.

Ecological standards in the kitchen

Culinary delights with heart and sustainability

Enjoy culinary delicacies in our restaurants. Prepared with love and environmental awareness. Our kitchen team conjures up dishes from fresh and seasonal ingredients every day. We have proudly held our organic certificate since 2016.

The origin of our products is well known to us. Because they come from regional producers. Our regional sources of supply enable short transportation routes. They protect the environment and strengthen the local economy. If we do use products from distant countries, we ensure fair trade. Because global justice is important to our sustainable conference hotel.

Green conference hotel as a role model

Working together for a sustainable future

As a sustainable conference hotel, we want to be a role model. And also inspire our guests. To act and think in an environmentally conscious way. Small actions can make a big difference. Conscious use of energy, avoiding wasting resources and disposing of waste correctly. All of this contributes to improving our eco-balance.

Book your stay at the sustainable conference hotel Schmerlenbach today. Together we can make a contribution to a sustainable future. We look forward to welcoming you to our hotel.


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