Short vacation Spessart

Short vacation in the Spessart

Enjoying nature and cultural treasures

Are you planning an unforgettable short vacation in the Spessart? Schmerlenbach awaits you, nestled in the picturesque nature of this mountain range. Explore idyllic hiking trails. Cycle through charming villages. And discover cultural treasures near Aschaffenburg.

Book now your short vacation in the Spessart. And treat yourself to some time out in Schmerlenbach. Where unique adventures and exciting discoveries await you. Perhaps you will soon be spending a weekend in the Spessart?

Hiking in the Spessart

Step by step through green paths

Schmerlenbach is the ideal starting point for hikes in the Spessart. Well signposted paths lead you through picturesque landscapes. Here, where green forests and clear streams stretch out. While the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds are your companions. Step by step, you will discover the diversity of Bavaria's landscape.

Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind you. On your short vacation in the Spessart mountains. Feel the harmony of nature. And recharge your batteries while hiking. This not only promises pure relaxation. But also intensive nature experiences.

Discover the most beautiful hiking trails in the Spessart on your short trip:

  • Donkey trail: Experience rich nature and traditional villages on this historic hiking trail.
  • Spessartbogen: This circular hiking trail presents the diversity of the Spessart. Experience varied forests, valleys and heights on this challenging route.
  • Geology trail: This trail allows you to take a look beneath the surface of the Spessart. Learn more about the geological features of the region and the formation of the landscape.
  • Sinn Trail: This trail takes you along the picturesque River Sinn. And offers idyllic views.
  • High-altitude trail: The high-altitude trail rewards hikers with breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Enjoy the tranquillity of the high altitudes. And let yourself be enchanted by the beauty of the Spessart.
  • Franconian red wine hiking trail: discover the vineyards of the Spessart and taste regional wines. An enjoyable hiking trail.


Cycling tours in the Spessart mountains

Through charming villages and idyllic landscapes

Do you prefer to travel on two wheels? Explore the surroundings of Schmerlenbach by bike. The cycle paths in the Spessart lead you through charming villages. Past historical sights. Put the pedals to the metal. And be inspired by the varied scenery on your excursion in the Spessart.

Cyclists also appreciate the variety of tours in the Spessart:


  • Main Cycle Route: This cycle route offers a relaxed tour through the Spessart on the Lower Main. The perfect way to explore the region by bike.
  • Hessian long-distance cycle route R3: The long-distance cycle route offers a varied ride. Through forests. Past historical sites. And through cozy villages.
  • Sinngrundweg: Nature lovers will appreciate the ride along the Sinn river. Ideal for enjoying the tranquillity of the surroundings.
  • Spessartbahn cycle path: experience relaxed cycling. On the tracks of a former railroad line. Family-friendly. And with little incline.
  • Main-Kinzig cycle path: a pleasant tour through the Spessart. Along the rivers Main and Kinzig.
  • Bikewald Spessart: Challenging trails through the woods offer an intense riding experience in the midst of nature. Ideal for mountain bikers.

Sights in the Spessart

Experience culture and history in harmony

Not only nature, but also cultural treasures beckon during your short break in the Spessart. Visit the nearby town of Aschaffenburg. A city with centuries of history. There you can explore the imposing Pompejanum. A Roman patrician house. Or the historic Mespelbrunn Palace. With its impressive architecture.

After an eventful day, Schmerlenbach awaits. A retreat in the Spessart. Here you will find peace and relaxation. The enchanting park invites you to take relaxing walks. Perhaps through the walk-through labyrinth. Or to the famous tree of the year.

We look forward to welcoming you to Schmerlenbach. Where nature, culture and relaxation merge into an unforgettable overall experience. Book your short vacation in the Spessart now.

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